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Renewable Energy on Brownfields: Latest Developments Webinar Slides

Slides for the July 31 webinar - "Renewable Energy on Brownfields: Latest Developments" are now available for download. Click here to get access to the pdf.  

Local governments and private developers are moving forward with renewable energy projects on brownfields at a robust pace.  Since the publication of NALGEP’s 2012 report, Cultivating Green Energy on Brownfields, new projects and initiatives have sprouted up around the country.  Anjali Patel, at attorney at Spiegel & McDiarmid LLP and a lead author of NALGEP’s report, provided an overview of considerations for local governments.  Adam Klinger and Marc Thomas from EPA’s RE-Powering America’s Land initiative outlined tools and materials available from EPA.  Doug MacCourt, an attorney at Ater Wynne LLP and expert on renewable energy on tribal lands, discussed a case study on tribal lands, and provided additional perspective.  Ken Brown, NALGEP's Executive Director, moderated the webinar.