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Slides Available - Green Infrastructure on Brownfields: Considerations and Opportunities

Tuesday, July 29th 2014

Green infrastructure is a stormwater management approach that uses vegetation and soil to manage rainwater where it falls. Green infrastructure practices include rain gardens, bioswales, and permeable pavements. Well designed and well maintained green infrastructure can provide community benefits and climate change-related benefits in addition to helping to manage wet weather flows. Developers and municipalities are increasingly getting on board with green infrastructure, but there are special considerations for planning of infiltration practices at brownfields. In this webinar, those considerations were discussed, as well as the funding opportunities that green infrastructure approaches can provide for brownfields. Speakers described how building green infrastructure as part of brownfield redevelopment provides economic, environmental and social benefits to neighborhoods and municipalities. In the webinar, Robert Newport from the U.S. EPA discussed overarching technical considerations as described in a recent EPA report on this topic. He also discussed funding available for these projects and other implementation issues. Local environmental professionals from Rome, NY and Cincinnati, OH described green infrastructure on brownfield projects in their municipalities. Click here to access the slides.


Ken Brown (moderator)
Executive Director, NALGEP
Robert Newport
NPDES Programs Branch
U.S. EPA Region 5

Matt Andrews
Senior Planner, City of Rome NY 

MaryLynn Lodor
Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Cincinnati