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Smart Growth for Clean Water

Launched in 2000 by NALGEP in partnership with the Trust for Public Land, U.S. EPA, the U.S. Forest Service, five state/local demostration projects, and the Eastern Research Group, the Smart Growth for Clean Water Project is designed to help states and localities use smart growth tools as key strategies for acheiving clean water goals. 

Project objectives include: 

  • Educating local and state elected and appointed officials on opportunities to use smart growth tools to improve water quality and to meet federal regulatory mandates. 
  • Fostering interaction among smart growth, brownfields, water quality, and community forestry leaders on those issues. 
  • Providing technical assistance to and showcasing specific demonstration projects that demonstrate how state and local governments can use smart growth tools to improve water quality, control stormwater, meet regulatory mandates and achieve other community objectives. 
  • Identifying state and federal policy barriers that are discouraging the use of smart growth tools for clean water and develop solutions to overcome these barriers. 
  • Disseminating information on available smart growth tools, projects, programs and resources to help local and state governments achieve their water quality objectives.

The project approach has involved: 

  • Establishing a National Advisory Council of experts on smart growth and clean water tools; 
  • Building smart growth for clean water partnerships in five demonstration states
  • Providing technical assistance to state and local demonstration projects
  • Producing an educational pamphlet to help decision-makers understand and use smart growth tools for clean water objectives; 
  • Holding a series of public events in the demonstration states to showcase projects; 
  • Producing a final report that showcases success stories, lessons learned, policy recommendations, and other information to help promote further innovation on these issues. 

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You may also view our report Smart Growth for Clean Water: Helping Communities Address the Water Quality Impacts of Sprawl along with other publications which discuss the benefits of smart growth and responsible land management.