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Smart Growth Business Partnership

The Smart Growth Business Partnership project, funded by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Urban and Economic Development Division, has convened corporate leaders and local government officials to identify reasons that American business leaders might support the principles and practice of smart growth. The project is establishing a foundation for partnerships among businesses, local governments and federal agencies for smart growth initiatives. 

Project Objectives:

  • Convene business leaders and local government officials to identify reasons why business sectors and individual corporations might support smart growth practices; 

  • Identify regulatory and other incentives that drive business locational and investment decisions; 

  • Develop recommendations to local government officials for attracting and maintaining businesses in urban areas; and 

  • Enhance collaboration among business leaders, local officials and government policy-makers on the smart growth issue.

Project Activities:

  • Created a Smart Growth Advisory Council, comprised of business leaders and local government officials from across the nation, to guide and oversee the project; 

  • Conducted interviews with more than 50 business leaders from a range of business sectors and locations throughout the nation to gather their perspectives on the issues of sprawl and smart growth; 

  • Produced the report: 

    Profiles of Business Leadership on Smart Growth: New Partnerships Demonstrate the Economic Benefits of Smart Growth

  • Hosted a Smart Growth Business Roundtable that featured EPA Administrator Carol Browner and top business and local government leaders; 

  • Launched second phase of project with Des Moines Mayor Preston Daniels and Maryland Governor Parris Glendening at an Atlanta event; 

  • Establishing a Smart Growth Local Government/Business Network

  • Planning regional Smart Growth Business Roundtables; and 

  • Researching additional examples of business leadership on smart growth. 

Project Status: Closed