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Clean Air Transportation Communities

The Clean Air Transportation Communities project seeks to spur local clean air innovations that will improve air quality and reduce greenhouse gases by reducing Vehicles Miles Traveled (VMTs) and vehicular emissions. 

Ten communities from around the country have been awarded grants by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA's) Office of Transportation and Air Quality to launch exciting new approaches to cleaner air that will:

  • Introduce alternative fuel vehicles to city fleets and car-sharing services; 
  • Promote commuter choice; 
  • Integrate smart growth transportation principles into new residential developments; and 
  • Encourage replication in other communities. 

Pilot communities include: 

Bronx & Upstate, NY 
Northeast States for Coordinated Air Use Management (NESCAUM) is partnering with New York Power Authority, IdleAire Technologies, Antares Group, Sustainable South Bronx, Clean Air Communities, and New York State Thruway Authority to demonstrate and promote truck stop electrification technologies (TSE) in New York. 

California Air Resources Board 
The California Air Resources Board and Odyssey are conducting community outreach that identifies and tests low-cost, easy-to-implement strategies for increasing transit ridership, and research that develops tools for measuring the impact of increased transit ridership on air quality. Many of the low-cost strategies will be marketing and outreach based or will be implemented in conjunction with direct marketing campaigns. The project will also provide replicable, web-accessible tools for measuring air quality benefits and applying a community based approach to increasing transit ridership. 

Dane County, WI 
Dane County and the University of Wisconsin-Madison are working to provide employees with parking debit cards, subsidized bus passes, a "Catch a Carpool" website, and telecommuting programs that encourage alternative modes of transportation and in turn benefit air quality. 

Denver, CO 
Ecotrans is enhancing the environmental and pedestrian-friendly design of the new Highland's Garden Village urban infill development by facilitating car-sharing and multi-modal transportation options using alternative fuel and non-motorized vehicles. 

King County, WA 
Highlighting the environmental benefits of hybrid vehicles and car sharing, King County is adding low emission, high mileage hybrid vehicles to their successful Flexcar car sharing program. 

Little River Band of Ottawa Indians 
In the context of a new, smart growth development, the Little River Band of Ottawa Indians is leasing a hybrid gasoline-electric vehicle and electric assist bicycles (recharged by wind power) for use by tribal elders and others living in the development. 

The Maryland Department of Planning (MDP) is working with key state, regional and county planning agencies to develop a unique smart growth community design for the Owings Mills area. The goal is to build upon plans for intensified development at the Owings Mills transit station by channeling projected housing and job growth in the surrounding area into a system of mixed-use, walkable, and interconnected communities that reinforce and complement the station development and provide residents with an environment that requires much less dependence on private vehicles for daily mobility needs, thereby also reducing vehicular traffic impact and emissions. 

Philadelphia, PA 
Philadelphia is introducing human-electric powered utility vehicles into various city departments (parks, airport, recreation facilities, stadiums, and zoo) to reduce emissions and provide alternative fuel vehicle options. 

Tulsa, OK 
The Indian Nation Council of Government (INCOG) is working to influence driver behavior by educating local high school students about air quality issues and transportation alternatives. 

Vancouver, WA 
In an effort to provide its residents with convenient and affordable green shared vehicles, Vancouver is partnering with CarSharing Portland Inc. and C-TRAN to establish a program of shared hybrid automobiles, bicycles, and e-scooters for use in the downtown area.