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Brownfields Showcase Communities

The Brownfields Showcase Community Network research project, funded by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's Office of Solid Waste and Emergency Response, is convening representatives of the 28 Brownfields Showcase Communities to identify priority needs of local brownfields initiatives and effectively communicate those needs to key state and federal officials and other stakeholders. The Brownfields Showcase Community program provides coordinated federal technical, financial and other assistance from over 20 federal agencies to local brownfields initiatives. The project is researching the ongoing implementation of the Showcase Community program to determine what aspects are most effective in facilitating community brownfields revitalization. 

Project Objectives: 

  • Research and identify the priority brownfields needs of the Showcase Communities; 
  • Investigate the ongoing implementation of the Showcase Program by local governments to determine the most effective local strategies; 
  • Research the implementation of the action items identified in the Showcase Community 2000 Vision and Action Plan drafted in the first phase of the NALGEP Showcase project, in coordination with the federal agencies participating in that project phase; 
  • Foster and coordinate research and coordination with other agencies, associations and organizations involved in brownfields cleanup and reuse; 
  • Facilitate information exchange among the Showcase Communities; 
  • Provide timely information to the Showcase Communities on resources and opportunities and on new tools and models for facilitating brownfields revitalization; and 
  • Communicate the project findings on local government needs to brownfields stakeholders. 

Project Activities: 

  • Conducting research on the accomplishments and obstacles of the Showcase Communities. 
  • Facilitating conference calls with EPA, HUD, Army Corps of Engineers, Federal Housing Finance Board, Economic Development Administration and other agencies to research the effectiveness of particular federal programs and resources in supporting local brownfields efforts; 
  • Hosting Showcase Community Summits to convene representatives of the Showcase Communities and federal officials to share research results including lessons learned and models of successful local-federal brownfields collaboration. 

    Status: Closed 

    For more information, please contact or 202-337-4503.