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NALGEP Mission

The National Association of Local Government Environmental Professionals (NALGEP) is a not-for-profit organization that was founded in 1993 by a group of local officials to represent local government personnel responsible for ensuring environmental compliance and developing and implementing environmental policies and programs. 

NALGEP was established in recognition that local government environmental professionals are often confronted with tight budgets, complicated requirements and problems which, although are first-time problems for a particular local entity, may have been encountered and dealt with by other localities. In an era of restricted local budgets, governments are being asked to deliver environmental services and implement environmental programs with less resources and assistance than ever before. NALGEP helps communities face the challenges of sustainably delivering environmental services and addressing environmental problems such as climate change and pollution by: 

  • Bringing together local environmental officials from across the country to network and share information on innovative environmental practices;   
  • Sharing technical expertise and advice on environmental policy matters through educational workshops, web casts, and national summits;   
  • Identifying sources of funding for environmental and energy projects available to local governments and partners; and   
  • Providing a voice for local environmental officials in federal policy-making and procedures. 

How We Achieve Our Mission

NALGEP produces six to eight well-attended web casts per year providing hands-on guidance and tips for successful local environmental projects; 

Every year, NALGEP sponsors at least two regional educational workshops around the country, supplemented by a national summit every other year; 

NALGEP has a strong track record of creating in-depth reports and publications that identify the barriers and opportunities available to local governmental environment professionals;

News Flash, NALGEP’s monthly e-newsletter brings together noteworthy funding opportunities, conferences, legislative tracking on climate change and highlights projects completed on the federal or local level.

Find out about becoming a member of NALGEP here.