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NALGEP History

Celebrating Local Environmental Innovation

Founded in 1993 by a group of local officials, NALGEP is the premier national organization representing local government professionals responsible for environmental compliance and the development and implementation of local environmental policy. NALGEP's membership includes more than 150 local government entities located throughout the United States, ranging in size from the largest cities to the smallest communities. NALGEP's diverse membership includes environmental managers, solid waste coordinators, public works directors, brownfields directors, economic development officials, planning directors, and attorneys, all working on behalf of towns, cities, counties and municipal associations.

Increasingly, the burdens of delivering environmental services and implementing environmental programs are falling on local governments. And more and more, local governments are being asked to deliver those services with less resources and assistance from the states and federal government. To help help communities face this challenge and deliver clean air, water and land to their residents, NALGEP brings together local environmental officials to network and share information on innovative environmental practices, conduct pioneering environmental policy projects, promote environmental training and education, and communicate the view of local environmental officials on national environmental issues.

As a member of NALGEP, you can:

  • Become part of a Growing Network of Local Officials Finding Creative Solutions to Todays Environmental Challenges.
  • Participate in Innovative Programs that Identify New Reources and Incentives for Brownfields Revitalization, Smart Growth, Water Quality Protection, and Air Quality Improvement.
  • Receive the Latest News on Opportunities for Financial and Technical Assistance and on Federal Environmental Policies Impacting Cities, Towns, and Counties.
  • Ensure that Local Governments Have an Effective Voice in Shaping Federal Policies and Programs.